The 7th International Higher Education Studies Conference (IHEC 2024)

Higher Education Agenda and New Generation Universities in the New Century of the Republic

There is a general consensus that universities have undergone profound transformations in the 21st century. This period is simultaneously marked by economic and political crises, technological advancements, regional and global migration, the climate crisis, natural disasters, and pandemics—all of which represent significant global changes. These societal, economic, political, psychological, and technological shifts are inevitably altering the demand for and expectations placed on universities. The competition is rapidly intensifying, and issues such as student experience and satisfaction, the quality of universities, and their standings in global rankings are increasingly prominent in debates. Furthermore, a global reduction in resources allocated to higher education is compelling changes in budget and resource management. Ecological changes, such as climate change, natural disasters, and similar factors, are also impacting the operations of higher education institutions, leading to transformations in numerous areas including university locations, building maintenance, energy usage, and resource management. This means that environmental concerns should be given as much importance in managing and making policies for higher education as other types of changes, especially from a sustainability standpoint. In addition to generating knowledge, universities must also transform to create value from this knowledge, facilitate their graduates’ employment through collaborations with industry and various sectors, and ensure their institutional survival. While the causes, reasons, scope, and outcomes of these changes display a global commonality, they also vary according to regions, countries, and institutions.

Additionally, social, cultural, and demographic changes within societies are also impacting higher education institutions. Demographic shifts and diversity are prompting these institutions to develop new policies to meet the evolving needs of students, offering interdisciplinary programs, experiential learning opportunities, career development pathways, and extracurricular activities. In recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic led to the closure of universities in many countries and a shift to remote education. As a result of this transition, higher education institutions have enhanced their experiences with remote management and online education and have developed new practices. Advances in information technology, particularly in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, and virtual reality, are progressing rapidly. These advancements are enriching students’ learning experiences while also affecting the ways in which teaching, research, and administration are conducted.

In the light of this, we are pleased to announce the IHEC 2024 Conference, to be hosted by Ostim Technical University. This conference is designed to bridge perspectives from the past to the future and from national to international contexts, celebrating the centennial of the Republic and embracing the ethos of a new generation university. At this significant historical juncture, as the Republic of Türkiye marks 100 years, we wanted to provide a platform for discussions and analyses on what missions universities, which assumed a pioneering role in social change and development in their early years, will have in the next century. We invite you to share and discuss your views on higher education, your research, and your publications within the framework of these topics at the IHEC 2024 Conference. Since 2015, the IHEC Conferences we have organized as an association have provided a platform for high-quality contributions to the national and international themes, topics, and areas of discussion in higher education. We look forward to your contributions to make it a meeting and discussion platform for academics, researchers, and students from various disciplines working in the field of higher education studies. You can submit your applications under the main theme of “Higher Education Agenda and New Generation Universities in the New Century of the Republic” for the sub-themes listed below, or you can also send proposals for topics not listed here.

We look forward to seeing you at the IHEC 2024 Conference on October 17-19, 2024, which, in addition to academic discussions, offers the opportunity to explore the urban culture, history, and social life of the capital during the centennial year of the Republic.

Conference Themes

Current Themes and Debates in Higher Education

  • Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence
  • Micro-credentials and Flexible Learning
  • Internationalization and Localization
  • Ethics, Principles, and Values in Higher Education
  • Academic Freedoms and The Autonomy of Universities

Past, Present, Future: Higher Education in Türkiye on its 100th Anniversary

  • The Mission, Vision, and Role of Higher Education
  • Higher Education Systems and Management
  • Massification of Higher Education and Quality Processes
  • Financing and Sustainability of Higher Education

New Generation Universities

  • Entrepreneurship, Community Contribution, Development, Sustainability
  • University and Industry/Business Collaboration
  • University and City Relationships

Key Actors/Stakeholders in Higher Education

  • Responsibilities and Decision-Making Processes of Administrators
  • Development, Career Processes, and Expectations of Instructors
  • Well-being and Mental Health of Individuals in Higher Education Institutions

Student Perspectives in Higher Education

  • Access to Higher Education, Equality of Opportunity, Diversity, Inclusion
  • Changing Student Profiles and Needs in a Changing Social Structure
  • Academic and Social Expectations and Conditions of Students
  • Graduate Tracking Systems and Employment Policies